We know how much Oahu loves coffee. From touring plantations to sipping on on some delicious local brew, Oahu residents are obsessed with enjoying the popular flavor of coffee no matter what shape, form or texture it may have.

The brewed drink may not seem to play such an important part in our lives, but in reality, coffee is a significant factor in our daily routine. It’s such a big deal that even a holiday is dedicated to the delicious beverage: National Coffee Day taking place on September 29.

In honor of this celebration, we decided to get in on the coffee fun and look up recipes that incorporate the refreshment in a unique way. Instead of sticking to an ordinary cup of joe, use the holiday as an excuse to cook up some delicious coffee-infused treats.

Since we’re lucky enough to live in the only state in the country to commercially grow coffee plants, with just one scoop of our delicious home-grown coffee, you’ll taste the textures and flavors that encompass the beautiful land of Hawaii. Now imagine that rich essence incorporated into your favorite dessert.

Here are a couple of recipes that will give your National Coffee Day a much needed shot of espresso.

Coffee Mug Cake

Courtesy All Recipes

This super easy to make recipe from All Recipes is so simple to create that even kids can do it themselves! Choose your favorite flavor of coffee to make this tasty snack.

Chocolate Coffee Truffles

Courtesy People Magazine

These tiny bites are packed with a punch of chocolate, cocoa and, of course, hints of coffee. People magazine shows us how you can make them without having to put your baking mitts to use.

Coffee Donuts

Courtesy Epicurious

You may have tried coffee donuts at your local shop, but there’s something special about creating them from scratch. Make a dozen in a little over an hour with this recipe from Epicurious.

Cinnamon Coffee Scones

Courtesy Bite Me More

The thought of baking scones might conjure up the idea of British perfectionism, but the pastry is actually relatively easy to make. Bite Me More uses coffee and cinnamon to fill up the soft, buttery scone.

Coffee Ice Cream

Courtesy Food Network

Renowned chef Emeril Lagasse shares his simple recipe to make a refreshing, rich bowl of coffee ice cream. All you’ll need is heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, coffee granules, egg yolks and a hint of chocolate curls for garnish.

What other coffee-infused recipes will you be cooking up this National Coffee Day? Let us know in the comments below.