When it comes time to sell your home, it’s no secret that you want top dollar for something that lies close to your heart. This is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and help your house shine, allowing you to put some of your personal flare that will attract the masses. Just keep in mind, if it’s too bold, bright, out of style or cluttered, your house might just linger on the market. Instead, your décor should highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its faults and appeal to the largest possible pool of potential buyers.

Here are some decorating tips for selling your home:

Update it

Whether it’s a fresh layer of paint, getting rid of some outdated furniture or replacing an old appliance, there are many ways to update your home. When a place looks old, run-down or cluttered, its initially less appealing to the buyer. Putting in that extra time or spending that extra dollar for a refresh might make up the difference in your sales price.

This is also an area to remember our “Why Millennial-Driven Design Deserves Attention” article. With more than 12 million U.S. millennials exceeding six figure incomes, they are likely the potential purchaser of the real estate you are looking to sell. Buyers under 40 years old are the largest group of home buyers and wealthy millennials are among the most active players in the luxury real estate market today. So what do millennials like? Millennials love both modern and traditional elements, minimalistic design, marble accents, open spaces, renewable materials, organic shapes and textures, and a place to use their “toys” – tablets, phones, audio systems, programmable lighting, and energy-efficient cooling and heating systems.

Enlarge it

Too much furniture in a space can make it feel small. Make your home stand out to the buyer by clearing out areas and showing off your homes hardwood floors and open airy spaces. Possibly stage your home in a minimalistic way that attracts the buyer and allows them to use their imagination.  Once you’ve decluttered, take a look at your countertops and consider clearing those too so buyers can get an even better look at the space, ultimately making your house look roomier. Another way to enlarge your home is to light it up. Maximize the light in your home by cleaning the windows, taking down drapes or blinds and changing light bulbs to make your home warmer, brighter and happier.

Flaunt it

When we say flaunt it we mean show off your home’s best features in a creative way that catches the buyer’s eye. Remember, furniture does not necessarily sell a home, the architectural focal points – like pagodas, windows and high ceilings – do. One way to catch the eye is to add a grey or bold accent wall and/or textured surfaces. Common areas to flaunt are kitchens and bathrooms where accent walls are more commonly used along with other décor ideas such as marble countertops, mixed materials, neutral palettes or subtle repurposed elements. From light and bright to calm and earthy, the possibilities are endless without going overboard or breaking your bank.