With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time for a home refresh! Even if you don’t have a lot of time or a large budget, there are so many inexpensive and easy ways to give your home a makeover. Here are five ways to update any room in one day.  

Throw in a pop of color 

If your home is feeling drab, spice it up with a fun touch of color. Don’t be afraid to choose a bright, unexpected color and make it fun! Using throw pillows, blankets and vases with even a little pop of your chosen color will help tie the room together. 



Add some new artwork 

Whether you choose a famous masterpiece or go with a DIY creation, art is a great way to personalize a home. For a simple art piece, try framing an interesting piece of scrapbook paper or fabric. If the kiddos are artists-in-training, commission them to create something special and frame it for everyone to see. 

Frame a photograph 

Add a personal touch by printing some pictures of friends and family. Most photo printers can even print on a canvas if you like the clean look of not having a frame. Pictures are a great way to personalize a home and help you remember special and important memories. 


Put up wallpaper 

Wallpaper may be thought of as outdated, but it is making a strong comeback with modern, fun designs. There are numerous finishes such as matte, textured and metallic, along with hundreds of patterns to choose from. If you aren’t ready to commit to an entire wallpapered room, start small with an accent wall. 

Add some new accessories 

Go shopping for some new curtains, rugs, throws, etc.  Even one new piece can reignite your love for your home and give you a spark of inspiration. If you’re afraid that trendy pieces will go out of style soon or are on the fence about a new look, shop at discount home stores – they are often inexpensive but have a wide variety of décor in a variety of styles.