On the last Friday of every month, the aroma of food emanating from various local food trucks has filled the air of Honolulu’s Kakaako neighborhood for the last three years. Since 2011, Eat the Street, a food truck and street food rally, has attracted many locals and visitors alike. The first Eat the Street was attended by 1,500 people and many vendors sold out before the end of the night. Today, Eat the Street attracts more than 7,000 people on a monthly basis. Many have waited in lines for as long as several hours just to sample some of Hawaii’s best street food.

Organized by Street Grindz, Eat the Street takes place at 555 South Street (near Restaurant Row) in Kakaako from 4 to 9 p.m. and can feature as many as 40 food vendors. Each monthly event focuses on a food theme such as garlic, pork or Oktoberfest.

February’s Eat the Street theme on the 28th will be chocolate, perhaps as a nod to Valentine’s Day.  Those with an evening sweet tooth, get ready!  For more information on Eat the Street, visit http://www.streetgrindz.com.