Jack and Rose. Rhett and Scarlett. Harry and Sally. Noah and Allie.

Love it or hate it, The Notebook has earned its place as one of the all-time greatest romance films alongside the likes of TitanicGone with the Wind and When Harry Met Sally. What ties these films together is the theme that love lives eternal.

I’m not really sure why The Notebook is so polarizing. Sure it’s way over-the-top, and yes some of the scenes are cringe-worth and it will likely cause you to bawl your eyes out if you’re feeling even slightly emotional. But that’s the fun of it, right?

Home plays an integral role in The Notebook, so it’s fitting that this film is nominated for a #YourHome award. When Noah returns from war he discovers that his father has sold their home so that Noah can fulfilling his lifelong dream of restoring an old farmhouse for Allie, despite the fact that they have been separated for several years. This idyllic white home with blue shutters is what eventually brings Allie home, but of course, as with all matters of the heart, things aren’t that easy.

Are you Notebook lover or hater? If you think The Notebook deserves to win the #YourHome award for the ‘Best Homecoming in Movie History,’ vote for it here. If it’s not your cup of tea, there are five others to choose from.

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