Planning to shop for a new home before the end of the year? It probably won’t come as a surprise that countless people across the country have the same game plan. But despite the low-inventory, high-demand market, interest rates remain low and it continues to be a good time to buy.

Here are a few tips to help you beat out the competition and land the property you want.

Get Preapproved. Before starting your search, get preapproved for a mortgage so you’re ready to make an offer and know exactly how much you can afford. Multiple offers are common in this hot market, and being preapproved will assure the seller that you’re able to secure financing.

Choose the Right Agent. With properties often being scooped up the first day or two they’re on the market, it’s vital to work with an experienced agent with deep market knowledge and exceptional negotiating skills to get you to the closing table.

Make a Solid Offer. If you find a home you really like, move quickly to make a strong and realistic offer. Putting down more cash to demonstrate financial security, being flexible on the closing date and waiving the appraisal contingency also might appeal to a seller weighing multiple offers.

Don’t Let Cosmetic Issues Stop You. If a house needs some work, such as new flooring, paint, yard improvements or minor repairs, move forward with an offer instead of walking away. You can address these issues on your own fairly easily without spending too much money.

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