If you want your wine tasting to be great each time you pop a cork, you need to be sure you’re storing your wine correctly. So, whether you’ve got cases or just a few bottles, here are a few easy storage tips to keep each glass tasting as smooth as it was intended to be.

Keep it Cool

Make sure you store your wine in a reasonably cool place – temps higher than 70° F will age a wine quickly. Ideally, you’ll want to set the temperature range anywhere between 45° F and 65° F (with 55° F considered the perfect temp). If your space isn’t the ideal temp, open your bottles within a few years of their release for optimal taste.

But Not Too Cool

On the flip side, you shouldn’t keep wines in your refrigerator for a long time. Typical fridges run below 45° F and that can result in a dry cork. Don’t keep your wine anywhere it could accidentally freeze like your car, garage, freezer. If the liquid in your bottle turns to ice, it could expand and push out the cork.

Lay it Down

Keep your bottles on their sides, with the wine constantly in contact with the cork. If you don’t, the cork will eventually dry out, resulting in an undesirable smell and taste. Not laying your bottles on their sides shouldn’t be a problem for a few weeks, but more than that is not recommended.

Drink it Up

Only a small percentage of wines on the market will benefit from long-term aging. So why wait? Go ahead and enjoy! But keep in mind that the average room temp will likely be too warm to serve it. In that case, you may want to chill slightly before you pour, especially if you’re serving in the heat. Cheers!