Once upon a time, kitchen backsplashes were considered a boring necessity and a simple way to protect your kitchen walls. Fast forward to the present, they’re still doing their job, but they’re doing it in a much cooler and colorful way! Available in a stunning array of styles, shades, and materials, backsplashes are stealing the show in well-designed kitchens. Here are a few of the most exciting trends we’re seeing right now.

Large-scale tile

Say bye-bye to smaller mosaics and subway tiles that have been the rage for so long – over-sized backsplash materials seem to be taking over. And, larger tile means fewer grout lines for you to scrub! With a clean look and low-maintenance advantage, this look will be around for a while.

Single slab

So, what else is super hot right now? Installing one single type of stone or slate over the length of your kitchen’s countertops and up the backsplash. FYI – if your material has a somewhat horizontal veining, the lines can help make your kitchen appear more spacious.


Hey, glass! You’ll see more upscale kitchens sporting this backsplash trend. Sheet glass in neutral tones, such as white, black and grey give the room a sleek, sparkling clean look. And, they’re less pricey than many other materials like marble or granite.

Reclaimed wood

Wood is quickly gaining popularity as a backsplash! We’re talking about that reclaimed wood, think old rustic barn or floor. The downside? It’s less durable than tile or ceramic. If not sealed properly, it can show water stains, and heavy objects can easily dent it. This decor detail may work best in a low-traffic area, like a bar.


Tin is definitely in – and on-trend! Tin can provide a durable, easy-to-clean backsplash that delivers a fantastic patina and texture. Try to hunt down some classic vintage ceiling tiles at an antique shop or flea market. If you come up empty-handed, you can always check out the new tin tiles that are made to look old.

There are tons of great backsplash options to choose from, and new design ideas seem to be popping up daily! Whatever you decide, you’ll be amazed by the difference the right backsplash can make in your kitchen.