Your children have graduated college, officially moved out of the house and started their new lives in the real world. Becoming an empty nester can be a tough transition, but it’s also an exciting new beginning for you and your newly available space.

While some families prefer to leave bedrooms virtually untouched after their kids move out, others are ready to find a new purpose for that room.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your kids’ former bedroom, here are a few ideas to get started:


Guest room

This is the easiest transition for the room! Your children will need a place to stay when they visit and you’ll also have a room for family and friends while they’re in town. Consider repainting the room a neutral color, adding bright wall decorations and perhaps a stylish lamp for the bedside table. But make sure the bed is the focal point of the room, decorating it with a cozy comforter and a variety of textures and colors.


Home office

Add a good-sized desk, file cabinet, small printer table, bookshelf, a comfortable office chair and an efficient desk lamp, and you’ll be ready to work at home. Keep your desk clutter-free by using organizers and pen/pencil holders.


Den/reading room

You won’t regret having a quiet room for relaxing, and can even consider adding a TV for those evenings when you and your husband want to watch different shows. Furnish the room with a comfy chair and a bookshelf, personalizing the bookshelf with family photos and other keepsakes. If the room is big enough, you can put in a day bed or sleeper sofa for overnight guests.

Fitness room

If you find it hard to make it to the gym either before or after work, a home gym might be just what you need. Consider purchasing one or two pieces of fitness equipment, such as treadmill or elliptical machine, along with some free weights and exercise mats. Include a TV or sound system in the room to make your workouts more fun.


Hobby room

Converting a bedroom into a creative space where you can enjoy your hobbies is a great way to take a break from your busy schedule, unwind and relax. Devote the room to anything you’re passionate about, whether it be painting, sewing, playing a musical instrument or another activity. The key is to make it a comfortable place where you can practice your hobby.

As hard as it is to see your kids move away from home, it’s okay to transform their space into a room you’ll love using or make it a place where your guests will feel right at home. Even though they don’t have their original bedroom at home, your kids will appreciate this – consider setting aside space in their closet for items they left behind and may eventually want to share with their own children.