Now that you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money updating your home, you look up and realize there’s one thing casting a dated vibe over your beautiful renovations – an unsightly ceiling. Everyone knows that scraping away a popcorn ceiling is a messy, time-consuming job. But don’t despair, there are easier ways to fix this problem and refresh your ceiling.

Here are a few options for transforming your ceiling into a decorative feature.

Add drywall

Adding a layer of drywall to mask a popcorn ceiling is a great way to create a smooth surface. With drywall, you won’t have to worry about asbestos or lead paint, which can be present in popcorn ceilings. Installing drywall also gives you an opportunity to add or update light fixtures, install ceiling fans or tackle much-needed rewiring. Once you’ve installed, primed and painted the new ceiling, it should be maintenance-free for years.

Beadboard panels

Engineered specifically for ceilings, beadboard panels are an efficient and economical way to cover up unattractive ceilings, while also brightening a space and giving it more of a custom, upscale feel. Available in wood and vinyl, beadboard provides architectural detail as well as additional insulation. If you’re undertaking this project by yourself, tongue-and-groove planks will definitely make the job easier.

Wood planks

Lightweight wood planks are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who decide against scraping their popcorn ceiling or want to cover an ugly drop ceiling. The tongue-and-groove planks can be stained or painted – preferably before installing – giving you lots of color and texture choices.

Faux-metal ceiling panels

Create a statement ceiling by placing lightweight faux metal panels over existing tiles in a dropped ceiling. Metal panels come in a variety of colors and patterns that can transform any room. Among the choices: tiles that look like tin, copper or bronze, dramatic pressed tin that adds an Old-World feel or industrial element, embossed tile or a simple stucco-like finish.

Suspended grid ceiling

Often used in commercial settings, a suspended grid ceiling can be a stunning addition to a home. As with faux metal panels, design choices are plentiful, including embossed patterns, pressed tin, faux coffers and wood-plank designs.

The good news: you don’t have to pay for a costly ceiling replacement and you’ll have plenty of other options to make your ceiling as attractive as the rest of your home.

Disclaimer: Please consult a licensed professional before doing a ceiling renovation on your home.