Take your furniture from drab to fab in no time at all – with minimal effort and little expense! Here are the ways you can do just that, and make your furniture pop, especially when it’s time to showcase your home to house hunters.


Paint It

The rumors are true about chalk paint: It’s a dream to work with! This popular, decorative paint comes in an array of gorgeous colors and can easily be mixed to create light or dark hues. Its waxy consistency gives just about any surface an appealingly soft, matte finish. Brighten up a plain bureau or chair with just a coat or two of  Barcelona Orange, Duck Egg Blue or Scandinavian Pink.


Distress It

How about a much needed face lift for a worn coffee table? Armed with basic tools like a hammer, sandpaper and screwdriver, you can add some instant whimsy to a bland piece of furniture and end up with a charmingly broken-in look. “Antiquing” and aging it in this way lends a bit of personality that is easy and fun!


Transform It

The sky’s the limit! Turn your headboard or bench into a unique work of art by using awesome paint colors or one-of-a-kind designs. Or, decorate your bookshelf with a quote or phrase from your favorite novel, song, or poem. Lettering templates are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, from formal and fancy to more playful and kid-friendly. Anything in your home can be transformed into something that fits your decor and style.


Color It

Add a splash of color or texture to a nightstand by switching up the shade or tiling its surface. Want to go for a dramatic effect? You achieve this by selecting bright, patterned tiles or a radiant tint. All you need is some mastic adhesive or a paint brush – and a smidge of imagination.


Handle It

Up your dresser drawer game with new hardware! You can change things up by switching from one finish to another – go from antique gold to sleek chrome. The right choice of handle can completely transform a piece of furniture and the end result is design magic.


Before you toss or give away a piece of furniture, consider how it can be re-styled into something that looks and feels entirely new.  A little creativity, resourcefulness and vision go a long way!