Sometimes it’s the minor details that make a major impact! During an open house or showing, potential home buyers are already picturing your home minus the furniture, artwork and other accessories when they check out your digs. They’ll also be making a mental note of the decorative elements that will stay behind once you move out. Room accents – particularly those that give you the biggest bang for your buck – might be worth consideration if you’re planning to remodel before putting your house on the market.


Used smartly and creatively, molding not only hides little imperfections and seams, it also adds a clean, finishing touch. Whether it’s crown, band, dentil or otherwise, and no matter if it’s capping the walls, rimming the baseboards or framing the windows, molding is a relatively inexpensive feature that quickly and easily adds a sense of elegance to a space.

Ceiling Paint

Paint is a favorite among a decorator’s “transformer” tools, with the ability to create a completely different mood with minimal effort. Applying it to a surface not often considered – the ceiling – can be a real game changer. Just as color on the walls can make a room seem warmer, more cheerful or cozier, certain hues overhead echo those same outcomes. Going just one shade lighter than the walls produces a homey, enveloping atmosphere, while selecting a very dark paint has perhaps an unexpected effect, making the ceiling feel high and wide open to the sky.


The interlocking wooden boards known as shiplap are more than just a passing trend, they’re versatile decorating components that work just as well in a powder room, kitchen or outside gathering space. Even when used sparingly, maybe as a backsplash or above a fireplace, this detail can be powerful. Different vibes can be achieved by painting it or even staining it to highlight the rich colors and natural grain.


The dramatic effect of wainscoting is undeniable – it’s attractive, chic and elegant. In its earliest days, its purpose was to protect the lower portion of the wall (like a chair rail) and provide extra insulation from the cold. From such practicality sprung this beautiful feature that can transform a dining area or a family room into a stylish, sophisticated-looking space.

Exposed Elements

Take advantage of existing structural aspects, such as brick walls and wooden ceiling beams, to inject a bit of personality. Drawing attention to them can complement any décor, from traditional to modern, whether accented with a coat of eye-catching paint or spotlighted by stripping them down to the bare basics.

When you’re prepping your house for home shoppers, find ways to incorporate a real wow factor that will make a lasting impression. With thoughtful consideration and just the right touches, you can make your property stand out from the other homes they’ll encounter during their weekend browse.