We all need a little place to spread out when the time comes to review bills, write out thank-you cards (it’s the polite thing to do) or maybe just collect our thoughts. If your home simply doesn’t have a room to spare to serve as your own personal office, get creative with other spaces throughout the house that might just do the trick.


Shot of a woman writing in a recipe book

Turn a counter area in the kitchen or eat-in nook into a temporary desk on the fly. In many cases, any flat surface will do. A tasteful caddy of miscellaneous items such as pens, scissors and paperclips can be kept nearby for easy access when needed.

The top of a short bookshelf in a walk-in closet can double as a useful workspace, with important papers and files kept in color-coded baskets or labeled bins underneath. Framed photos could also be displayed, to truly personalize the space.

A small tabletop that folds up into the wall – in the laundry room, for instance –  is a clever way to produce an accommodating surface that can slide completely up and out of the way when not in use.

Man In Bedroom Running Business From Home Labeling Goods

Decorative pieces of furniture in the living room or bedroom can do double duty as desks and organizational tools. Pull up a chair in front of an armoire with a pull-out shelf and voila! – you have the ideal spot to get your tasks done, with nooks both above and below for supplies.

Under Stairs Home Office In Contemporary Family Home

Otherwise wasted areas under the stairs or attic eaves can be put to excellent use by housing small filing cabinets. It’s always helpful to have a spot where files can be stored in a neat and organized fashion.

When staging your house to sell, some of these smart uses of space will no doubt be noticed by homebuyers looking to make the most of every square inch of their potential new investment.