So, you have a spare room that is really and truly just that – a spare. Let your imagination run wild and brainstorm all the amazing things you can do with that area. From the funky, to the practical to something a bit indulgent, here are just a few fantastic ideas for transforming that extra space.


Rock Out

Drum kit and guitars in home rehearsal room

You’ve always been a little bit rock-n-roll, and now you have the chance to express that side of your personality by building your very own music studio.

You’ll likely want to protect your neighbors from the potential noise that your alter ego intends to unleash, so a careful soundproofing plan is key. The door to the space will need to be solid, heavy and insulated with sealing strips. While you will be tempted to also seal up any windows, it’s important to allow light in the space so it won’t feel like you’re playing in an underground bunker. Absorption panels can also be purchased to line the walls, and it’s wise to elevate the floor as well. By essentially building a ventilated “room within a room,” you’ll be able to enjoy some uninhibited jam sessions.


Stock Up

Big beautiful walk in wardrobe. Luxury modern home

You don’t need to be planning for the apocalypse to require some additional space for bulk items, dry goods and monster-size cans of soup. Sometimes it’s just helpful to be able to stock up on the basics in your own super pantry.

This route is especially well suited for a spare room that is a bit small to comfortably accommodate a guest, but significant enough in size to warrant being more than a mere broom closet. Floor-to-ceiling shelving, hanging baskets and even built-in wine racks or coolers are excellent ways to maximize the area while keeping things super organized and neat as a pin.


Calm Down

Interior of a finnish Sauna

The thought of retreating into a soothing wall of warmth at the end of a long, hard day is certainly appealing. Like building a music studio, creating a steam room is a rather complex undertaking, but a dream that is, indeed, possible with the right guidance and tools.

The key concern is of course moisture. Because the entire room will need to be waterproofed, a special door and insulated tile from top to bottom are absolute musts. A polyethylene film for the ceiling and walls, with backerboard to which the tiles will be attached are other important tools to implement. Once the room is properly protected, a steam generator is all that’s necessary to create a cozy, relaxing little piece of heaven right in your own home.


Now that you have some initial inspiration for wonderful ways to utilize your spare space, it’s time to tally your budget, consider the possibilities and get creative!