The holiday season is upon us. We know what this means for us personally – festive fun with family and friends. Selling and buying a home during the holidays can offer many advantages. Buyers seeking homes are often more serious and there can be less competition with fewer homes actively marketed, which may benefit both sides. If you’re on the fence about listing your home, you may not realize it can be an opportune time of year to make that move. If you’re a buyer, then consider yourself lucky because you may have less competition for coveted homeownership status. Following are some advantages of holiday home selling and buying:

Motivated Buyers and Sellers:  People who are house hunting this season usually have a good reason, mostly out of necessity or opportunity. Many buyers this time of year have a timeline, like a relocating deadline for a new job or transfer, investors on tax deadlines or simply those looking to downsize or upsize. Buyers and sellers during the holidays are typically focused on moving and moving fast.  

Less Competition: There is a belief that putting your home on the market during the harried holiday season may leave it sitting long after ringing in the New Year. Just as there are sellers seeking to make a move during this time of year, there are buyers looking for a home. With many people on holiday breaks visiting their families and friends, there can also be less competition that may place both home sellers and buyers at an advantage.

Holiday Cheer adds Curb Appeal:  For many, the holidays are a favorite time of year because of the festive lights and decorations. Many homes are looking their best. Celebratory decorations and a decluttered environment is the recommended approach.

Reliable Affiliated Agents:  An experienced and committed agent can relieve much stress and help provide peace of mind to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest. Finding a local agent who will go above and beyond to sell or find your home may be easier than you think.