Has the pressure of planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date night started creeping up on you? Or perhaps you and your sweetheart prefer a more laid-back approach to celebrating the holiday – takeout and Netflix, anyone?

No matter how you plan to spend the holiday, we can all agree that date night deserves a little kick of romance – and living in Oahu offers plenty of options to take your date from ordinary to extraordinary.

Shake up your regular routine with these offbeat date ideas on Valentine’s Day or any day of your choosing! Careful, you might catch a serious case of the love bug…


Swim with Sharks

Divers in a shark cage.

There’s nothing more thrilling and terrifying than being dunked below the ocean’s surface as you and your date get an up-close view of Galapagos and Sandbar sharks. An aluminum cage will be your only barrier from these remarkable creatures, so make sure to hold on to your significant other for that feeling of protection!


Make Your Own Wine

Couple making a toast next to beautiful setting.

When one thinks of wine making, visions of having your pants rolled up and stomping barefoot in a large tub usually come to mind. But in Kailua’s Oeno Winemaking, you can experience the craft in a less messy way. The shop allows you and your sweetheart to create a signature wine and then come back in a month or so to bottle your love potion and taste, label and cork the fruits of your labor.


Hop on a Glass-Bottom Boat

Closeup of couples feet on a yacht.

Check out Hawaii’s underwater world without getting wet. Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat’s 90-minute daytime tour sails you towards Diamond Head, where you can spend your day seeking out sea turtles, eels, tropical fish and dolphins from the boat’s deck of glass-bottom view ports.


Take a Zipline Tour at Keana Farms

Woman enjoying a fun zip line tour in the jungle while on vacation

Experience Hawaii’s natural beauty from high elevations. You’ll get your adrenaline rushing as you tour a working agricultural farm through a three-hour zipline tour. Starting with an ATV ride through the jungle, then zipping side-by-side through the farm, you and your date’s next adventure will be one you’ll talk about for years to come!


Get Hopping at iTrampoline

Young athlete on the trampoline in the graceful flight.

Bring out the inner kid in you and your date by getting your hop on at Kapolei’s iTrampoline. The 14,000 square-foot playground is filled with fun activities like dodgeball, basketball, an open court and foam pit. When you’re tired of jumping, head over to the arcade area with fun rides, games and massage chairs.


Do you have any other offbeat ideas to try out in Oahu? Let us know in the comments below.