Create. Celebrate. Elevate. Promote. That’s the premise of Hawai’i Fashion Month, a month long calendar of events that spotlight the state’s fashion talent – from designers and retailers to stylists, photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, artists and more. The celebration takes place every November and includes runway shows, marketplaces and exhibits that showcase the work of young artists who strive to prove that island creations are more complex than colorful prints, tropical flower patterns and breezy designs.

Hawai’i Fashion Month was founded in 2013 by the Hawaii Fashion Incubator (HIFI), an arts service organization that builds community and provides resources to Hawaii’s growing fashion industry.  Since then, it has become an arena for fashion lovers to share their passion with prominent figures in the industry and around the entire world.

In addition to the participants, locals and visitors are also invited to attend the fashionable event happenings. Attendees can purchase items from local designers, have the opportunity to rub elbows with alumns from Hawaii’s Project Runway and may even be in the same vicinity as international fashion luminaries.

If you’re a lover of all things fashion, or simply take pleasure in being part of a creative and fun environment, then consider freeing up your schedule to attend one or a couple of the events taking place this November for Hawai’i Fashion Month.

Here’s what’s going on during this fashionable month:

Fiber + Fashion | Ka Makana Ali’I | Through November 20 | Free
Art, fiber and fashion come together in a curated walking tour through Ka Makana Ali’i, Kapolei’s newest shopping destination. View garment exhibits fashioned by a dozen local artists that each tell a story reflecting the artist’s unique perspective and provenance.


Centering Your Brand w/Bliss Lau & Jasmine Takanikos | Honolulu Museum of Art | November 5 & 6 | $75
This two-day extensive workshop features Bliss Lau, noted jewelry designer and Hawaii Fashion Exchange mentor, and her colleague Jasmine Takanikos for a course that will cover design thinking, brand strategy and integrated marketing. This event is a must for working professionals who have an existing concept, business or brand in a creative industry. Interested students are also encouraged to attend.


Art + Flea | University of Hawaii Manoa Campus Center | November 10 | Free
Art + Flea, an outlet for local vendors and artists to showcase their goods and talents, is putting together a special edition of their shopping experience for Hawai’i Fashion Month. A massive selection of independent labels and emerging talent will showcase their fashionable creations just in time for the holidays. You’ll also enjoy music and delicious food as you pick out your favorite pieces.


Honolulu Fashion Week | Hawai’i Convention Center | November 10 through November 13 | Free
Presented by Hawaiian Airlines, Honolulu Fashion Week brings together international and local design talent through collaborative and individual runway shows, VIP events, pop-up boutiques and more. Top models from New York and Japan will participate in the events and media publications from North America, Japan, Korea, China and Australia will be covering all the fashionable happenings.


Pecha Kucha Night Honolulu: Style | Honolulu Museum of Art | November 11 | Free
Pecha Kucha 20×20 consists of artist presenting 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically as the speaker talks along to the images. For this event, you’ll see style-driven presentations that take a fashionable turn.


Jo Fraticelli “Beautiful” Crochet Dress Collection | Scarlett Honolulu | November 12 | Free
Crochet designer Jo Fraticelli debuts her new line of crochet gowns created with fabric and beading. Jo will leave you in awe as she unveils her gowns for the first time.


HFM Kauai Fashion Symposium | Kauai Beach Resort | November 30 | Free
Hawai’i Fashion Week closes out the month with a symposium on the future of Hawaii fashion followed by a session of networking with industry professionals. Statewide industry leaders will also be speaking at this event on the island of Kauai.


How will you celebrate Hawai’i Fashion Month? Let us know in the comments below.