The traditional idea of “fall” may not exist in Hawaii’s vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the harvest spirit right here on our tropical oasis of Oahu.

Although the weather outside is anything but cool and crisp, we can bring the beauty of the season inside our homes by transforming our spaces into an orange fall fiesta.

Why orange? Well, the color has become the staple of the season in the mainland, thanks to its strong presence in pumpkins and fallen leaves during this cooling period.

Orange is also seen on the island, particularly in our gorgeous sunsets, which display different variations of the warm hue.

To celebrate the beauty of the season in your home, incorporate orange, the color of fall, and a touch of island flavor into your fall décor.


Photographic Memory

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What’s more island appropriate than a panoramic image of waves breaking on Oahu’s shore? The painting’s sun-setting skies present the perfect complement to fall’s orange-infused look.


Glow of Light

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These orange glass table lamps are not only super appropriate for the season because of their color, but the translucent base and light shades provide a beachy feel that can be used in your living room décor all year long.


Cuddle Buddies


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The right decorative pillows can uplift an entire room and transform it from bland to glam in seconds. Try these tangerine-colored pillows in different patterns to do just that.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Something as simple as a wall mirror can set a strong tone to your entire space. This gorgeous Victorian mirror in bursting orange perfectly fits the fall theme without overdoing it.


Pop of Color

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This handmade wool rug will really add a pop of life into any living space with its bold colors and design. We love the festive detailing and the warm tones that remind us of one of our beautiful sunsets.


How do you decorate your home for fall? Let us know in the comment section below.