Sapphire blue is a deep, rich hue of blue in the jewel tone family and one of the latest color trends in modern interior design and room decorating. Inspired by night skies, nature, and the depths of the ocean, sapphire proves to be very harmonious yet energetic, adding a bold punch to any room.

It also happens to be September’ birthstone so it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at this gorgeous color.  In honor of the noble and elegant Sapphire, we have come up with a few ways to spruce up your home this month – and all year long.

First Impressions Are Everything

Think door knobs. Whether it’s your front door or bedroom door, add a little color to any entrance. Maybe switch out those old dull door knobs with vibrant sapphire ones. From solids and patterns to small accents and transparent knobs, there are many sapphire knob designs to choose from. Or, take things a step further and opt for a blue front door. Talk about stunning first impressions!

Introduce Fabrics and Textiles

Want to stick to your existing breezy feel of whites and neutral tones? Not a problem. Consider incorporating sapphire throw blankets and pillows to add a little color and rich texture to any room. Want to make your living space even bolder? Consider a sapphire blue couch and feel like your sinking into the Pacific.

Energize Your Kitchen

There are many ways to infuse your kitchen with blue without doing anything drastic. From something as simple as adding accents such as hand towels and ceramic wooden spoon holders on the counter to something a little more bold, like adding a sapphire blue sink and painting a few kitchen cabinets here and there, the options are endless. Home Depot has a great collection of sapphire blue sinks that can spruce up your kitchen in an instant.

Let the Sun Shine

After you’ve added your bold punch to your rooms, now is the time to make it count. Open your windows, pull up your blinds, air out the house, and let the sun reflect off of your new stunning sapphire accents. Sit back and relax in your harmonious jewel tone oasis.

Sapphire Inspired Pools

The sapphire inspiration doesn’t stop inside. Here are a few Honolulu homes that bring the bold outside with sapphire blue pools:


This stunning Mediterranean estate nestled in the gated community of Hawaii Loa offers large living spaces with lofty ceilings and a layout that enhances the indoor/outdoor style you’ve been waiting for. Step outside to your very own lanai and pool surrounded by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean allowing you to feel the bold yet calming shades of blue around you.


Enter through impressive gates to the striking entrance of this welcoming Kahala home on Kolohala Street, and immediately become mesmerized by the sapphire blue tiled pool seen right through the living room. Be enticed by the spacious open layout, bold architecture and welcoming ambiance.


Located in the exclusive beachfront gated enclave of Isles at Diamond Head, this newly remodeled beachfront home offers a flowing architectural floorplan capturing the essence of Hawaii’s indoor/outdoor living. Main living areas open to large covered lanai, and sparkling sapphire pool with ocean vistas.