Oahu is a paradise in its own filled with gorgeous beaches, world-class attractions and a broad selection of Asian Pacific cuisine. And even though the island offers plenty of goods to its residents, some of its most well-known activities tend to get a bit repetitive for locals. Picking up lunch at that same restaurant you’ve been going to for years or shopping at the local department store more times than you can count starts becoming more like a chore than a fun diversion.

If you’re in the mood for something new, then you’re in luck. Oahu is home to a number of hidden gems scattered throughout the island that offer something new and exciting to your everyday routine.

We decided to spill our hidden gem secrets and let you in on Oahu’s concealed treasures.

Hidden Gem: Bakery 

coffee and dessert cinnabon on a crumpled paper

One of the best Yelp-rated businesses in Honolulu, Raintree Bakery Coffeehouse is not your ordinary snack bar. The small shop is packed with punches of sweet and savory flavors that you’ll surely appreciate. From delicious drinks, fresh pastries and hearty sandwiches, switching your typical snack destination to Raintree Bakery Coffeehouse may be worth a shot.

Hidden Gem: Gift Shop

Photo via Red Pineapple

Tired of generic gifts from the department store? Try picking or creating a unique creation from Red Pineapple, a cute and distinct shop in Honolulu. Here, you’ll find all kinds of gift giving ideas and you’ll even be able to make your own gift basket using the adorable items from the store. No matter what the occasion, there’s a perfect gift waiting at Red Pineapple.

Hidden Gem: Restaurant

Big futomaki sushi with salmon, prawn tempura and cucumber

Delicious sushi and an upbeat atmosphere is what you’ll encounter at Morio’s Sushi Bistro. The sushi bar offers a wide variety of sushi favorites including dragon roll, shrimp avocado roll, spicy Hamachi and more. In addition to the food, customers rave about the excellent service and the owner, Morio’s, infectious personality. It’s all about having a good time at Morio’s.

Hidden Gem: Park

Cute little girl runs a paper boat in the stream in the park. Stretching her hand and reaching the little ship 

Moanalua Gardens is a truly a little slice of Honolulu heaven. This lush, green and serene park includes a koi pond, immense Hitachi trees, a classic temple and cottage. As you walk through, you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of nature that will bring an immediate aura of peace and relaxation. The best part is that it nearly costs nothing to get in and experience the beauty of Moanalua Gardens.

What’s your favorite hidden Oahu gem? Let us know in the comments below.