Hawaii Business Magazine recently celebrated its Top 100 REALTORS® for 2016 list by throwing a grand gala at the Royal Hawaiian resort in Waikiki with honorees from all over Hawaii coming out for a day of mingling, good food and great views.


One of the most notable awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award, went to Stewart Wade, a Coldwell Banker Independent Sales Associate from the Windward office.

Stewart’s arrival was nothing short of extraordinary. He made his grand entrance down a red carpet hand in hand with his wife, Cecelia. The pair looked happy as ever and enjoyed all the festivities the event offered.

Sales Associates took the opportunity to pose with the couple, as well as Mike James, President of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties.

Once the welcome reception was over, the award ceremony began, during which Stewart deservingly received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional work in the real estate industry and his active involvement within the Hawaii community.


Stewart is one of the nation’s longest active REALTORS® at 101 years old. And from the looks of it, he doesn’t look like he has plans to retire anytime soon.

He started out his real estate career in 1968 with Wade Ltd., which was later acquired by Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties in 1999.

Throughout the years, Stewart has experienced the dramatic changes of the real estate industry and has proven to keep up with the times despite the ongoing technology innovations that have been developing rapidly over the years. And while he is not active on Facebook or Twitter, Stewart has many loyal clients who keep his business flourishing and prevent him from ever getting bored.

He truly loves what he does, and credits his passion for the business as his main reason for not yet retiring. “I have too much fun selling real estate. And I have good health. I think one of the best ways to keep your health is to keep active,” says Stewart.

As Stewart once said when asked about the keys to a happy and successful life, “Enjoy what you are doing, marry the right girl, and have the right job. Be happy, have fun and help other people.”

Looks like you’re following your motto precisely, Stewart.