Growing up carnivals and fairs have always been a highlight to the year for me. So I was so excited when I spotted the Ferris wheel from the freeway the other week indicating Hawaii’s 50th State Fair had rolled into town at Aloha Stadium and I knew I had to check it out.

The Hawaii State fair was reminiscent of the Bay Rama festival my hometown of New Baltimore holds each year. It felt so nice to attend something familiar, something like home.

At the stadium there is lots of parking so we didn’t have to walk far to the gate, which was nice. My husband got ride wristbands for us both. There was a good variety of rides and I was excited they had my favorite: the alpine bobs/ice jet. I’m too much of a scardy cat for rides like the fireball or zipper, but between the bumper cars, big slide, and tilt-a-whirl style roller coaster I was able to find fun ways to use my 10-ride pass.

In between rides I got a big cone of cotton candy. There is something so satisfying about pulling the fluff off and carrying a sugary cloud around that bagged candy doesn’t offer. In addition to the rides, my friends checked out the Grizzly show and we all walked around the area of games. It’s funny watching people be so sure they can make that basket or knock over the cups and then fail so hard. All in all it was a great day. It was nice to see something familiar, to know that people all over the country can experience these same things and share memories.

The 50th State Fair runs through July 5. Below are the remaining dates. Children & Adults $5; Children under 40” tall FREE except on $1 days or $1 nights. Check the website for specials and discounts.

In addition to the Grizzly show, special events and attractions include the State Fair Circus, Ma’Ceo, a high energy, acrobatic, equestrian stunt show with a gypsy theme, petting zoo, pig racing, Hawaii Stars competitions and a performance by Fifth Harmony.

2015 DATES

June 12-14
June 19-21
June 26-28
July 3-5

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