As we become increasingly more connected, from smart phones to tablets to wearables, it’s only natural that so will our habitats. Smart home appliances and technology are becoming more mainstream in homes throughout the country. From keyless entry systems to intelligent thermostats to magic mirrors, our homes are becoming safer, more comfortable and more convenient.

What’s more, these items are no longer reserved for tech conferences or the ultra-wealthy; products and features once reserved for only the highest priced properties are now found in homes across the United States at various price points.

“After being on the ground at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it was clear that the connective tissue of smart technology in the home is entering the mainstream,” said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Smart homes are solving many consumer and societal needs when you consider all of the security, energy efficiency and entertainment advantages that come along with a connected home.”

But which products are the next big thing and which ones will fizzle out faster than Google Buzz?

Today, you’ll have a chance to virtually sit on an exciting panel featuring some of the biggest names in consumer smart home technology when Coldwell Banker Real Estate hosts “A Smart Look at Home Innovation,” at this year’s Real Trends Gathering of Eagles conference in Denver.

Moderated by Courtney Cochrane of CNET and featuring executives from LGLutronNestSengled and Tesla, the panel will explore the latest trends and future of the connected home, from which innovations these brands are seeing right now – light bulbs and dimmers to electric cars and thermostats to reimaging the way we tackle household chores – to what the real “Jetsonian” future could look like – and what it means for homeowners and real estate professionals everywhere.

The panel will start at 12:45 pm. Follow along on Twitter or tune in live on Periscope:

  • Twitter –  Use #GOE2015 and #GOEsmarthome
  • Periscope – Follow @ColdwellBanker on Periscope to catch live stream broadcasting from the event