As Thanksgiving approaches, now is a wonderful time to think about giving. Although, here on the Island, giving isn’t a once a year proposition; it’s part of the Spirit of Aloha. And while many donations come from individual efforts, corporate giving is vital to Oahu’s charities, and Oahu itself, as many nonprofits could not survive without the support of local businesses.

So it makes perfect sense that Hawaii Business uses its November Issue to highlight Hawaii’s Most Charitable Companies through a comprehensive listing of corporate philanthropy in the Islands.

The list is not perfect, as it relies on self-reporting and many organizations don’t keep accurate records about their charitable giving, or, in true Aloha Spirit, they don’t want to seem like they’re boasting. Despite these limitations, the list paints a strong picture of Island giving.

In addition to listing the organizations, the report looks at giving trends. For example, the vast majority of donations listed were cash ($81.6 million compared to $9.8 million of in-kind gifts). This trend is common when the economy is strong, as it is right now. When cash is scarce, companies tend to give goods or volunteer hours instead.

One of the most remarkable stats is that the list has grown from 53 organizations in 2012 to 113 this year.

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties is proud to be included on this list. CB Pacific has always cared deeply about giving back to our communities and is known for its work with a range of caring causes, including Aloha United Way. Since 2005, we’ve raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for Aloha United Way affiliates throughout Hawaii. Through our work with Aloha United Way and the other countless charitable organizations we serve, we are helping to build a better, more sustainable Hawaii for generations to come.

Today we celebrate all of Hawaii’s Most Charitable Companies and the many ways in which they give back to the community.