Looking for something to do this weekend that’s fun for the whole family? Make your way to Kapolei and check out iTramoline.

This 14,000 square foot space is trampoline heaven. There are individual trampolines, a dodgeball trampoline area, a basketball area and a foam pit…we said it, a foam pit.  There are also designated areas for party groups and keikis not quite old enough to be on the trampoline.

If you’d like to jump on the opportunity to head out to iTrampoline, plan ahead and purchase your tickets online to get a discounted rate.  Tickets are also available at the facility and allow for reserved trampoline times ranging anywhere from 30 minute to 120 minute slots.

2014.02.05_Trampoline Fun_Kapolei_4

Because we never want to steer our readers in the wrong direction, we decided to try it out for an hour ourselves…and what an hour it was!  Turns out, an hour is more than enough time.  Some of us “jumped around” for 5 minutes before exhaustion took over. We rested for a bit then went back in for our second round.  Other, more flexible jumpers, used their trampoline time as an opportunity to show off their acrobatic skills. By the time we reached the end of our hour reservation, we all agreed we got in a great workout.  Definitely a placed we’d go back, try again and invite others to join!

For more info, feel free to check out: http://itrampolinehawaii.com.  Happy jumping!