As generations come and go, so do the movies that define their childhoods. Being born in the 80’s allows me to claim Home Alone as one of my most memorable childhood films. Twice over, in fact; it is also one of my favorite holiday films. So I wasn’t surprised, as much as I was excited, when this beloved film was recognized as a nominee in the #YourHome Awards honoring the best homecoming scenes in movie history. From a child’s perspective it had all the elements that any little boy would love: an older brother’s room filled with things he’d never let me play with, an entire house at my disposal (including the contents of the fridge), and plenty of snow to play in! Even now I find the film still hits my funny bone and warms my heart during the holiday season when it is almost always on one network television station or another.

If you haven’t yet seen Home Alone, or would like a brief synopsis on why Coldwell Banker thinks it deserves to be a nominee, head on over to Coldwell Banker’s Blue Matter blog to get the full breakdown. While there, be sure to vote for your favorite homecoming scene. Vote as many times as you’d like through 12 a.m. EST on 2/26 and we’ll unveil the winner right here on 2/27. In the meantime, let us know what you think about Home Alone – or any of the other nominees – in our comments below or on our Facebook page.