Whether you’re a diehard Broncos or Seahawks fan or you’re only interested in the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is a great reason to invite friends and family over for a festive football-themed party.

Here are some tips to get you ready for kick off:

1. Pick a Theme

Football is an obvious and easy-to-execute theme, but why not be creative and pay homage to the host city? While you’re enjoying the beautiful weather Hawaii has to offer year round, New York / New Jersey are co-hosting the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl. You can easily incorporate this theme into your invitations, décor and menu. Think potluck foods with an east coast flavor, like Manhattan clam chowder, Waldorf salad, pastrami sandwiches or sloppy Joes, New York-style cheesecake and Brooklyn Lager.

2. Make Your Home Game Ready

Depending on your home’s current layout, you may need to rearrange furniture ahead of time to maximize viewing for multiple guests.  If necessary, ask to borrow folding chairs from friends. If you have the space and technology, hook up a second television for a sports bar like atmosphere. And don’t forget the kiddos. If you have a lot of friends with children, consider setting up a separate party area with a deck of cards, crafts or other alternative activities.

3. Organize a Party Game

Chances are, most of your guests don’t have a deep-rooted interest in either the Seahawks or the Broncos.  No worries—prop bets are a great way to add some fun and give your guests something to cheer for!  Have each guest predict the final score, point spreads, the halftime score, the number of turnovers, etc. You can also organize an activity for halftime. Plan a game of touch football in the yard or break open a football shaped piñata.

4. Focus on Football

While all of your guests may not be 100% focused on the game, Super Bowl is still the star of your party. If possible, keep the main food and drink area separate so those gathering around do not distract others from viewing the game. And for those guests who won’t want to miss a single yard or penalty call, fill a few small containers with ice and place beverages strategically around the TV room, scatter multiple bottle openers for easy access and make sure to have plenty of paper towels or napkins within arms reach.

Now you should be all set for the best super bowl party on the block!