Announced recently, Coldwell Banker Real Estate launched a national campaign titled #HomeRocks to coincide with the 2014 Grammy’s.  This award would be given by Coldwell Banker to the artist with the best song about home released in 2013. In the spirit of #HomeRocks, we thought about the most special characteristics of our homes. With some homes garnishing a personal home cinema room, to one with a lavish in door lap pool, we’ve seen homes with all sorts of rockin’ characteristics.

15 Firepit Exterior 1693 retouch

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, makes and models. From Victorian to New England, townhomes to cabins, and despite their outward appearance no two are truly alike. Which leads us to a very important question – what makes your home rock? We’ve seen many homes, but now we want to see yours! We want to know, what makes your home rock? Is it a garage converted into a football viewing bar? A room with wall to wall vinyl records, or perhaps a room dedicated to all your musical instruments? Maybe it’s a little more low key; your favorite time-out spot with a good book and cup of tea?

We want you to send us your best stories about your homes, and what makes your home rock!

Tell us your best stories:

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  2. Tweeted to us, @CBPacific.
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We’ll be taking the best stories and posted them in a follow up article.

In the meantime, Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s new national TV campaign “Home Sweet Home” featuring Motley Crue, will be airing this Sunday during The Grammy’s. Take a sneak peek at the TV commercial here, and remember to tweet us with the hashtag #homerocks throughout the Grammys.