Spring and summer are a great time to list your property, but to sell your property quickly and for the best possible price, you’ll need a smart and sound strategy. Beyond preparing your home by making repairs and improvements, deep cleaning, decluttering and sprucing up the exterior and yard, here’s how you can boost your chances of a fast sale for top dollar.

Choose the right agent. An experienced agent with a proven track record of sales and a thorough knowledge of the local market is invaluable. An agent can provide a competitive market analysis (CMA) that shows comparable properties that are on the market or have recently sold and offer insights into what potential buyers will like or dislike about your home. Having an agent can also ease your stress by helping you navigate the entire selling process in a timely manner and ensuring a smooth transaction.

Price your home correctly. You’ve put a lot of time, effort and money into making your home shine, and you’re proud of it, but don’t let your ego influence the listing price. Nothing dooms a real estate deal faster than an overpriced property. If priced correctly, your home will likely attract the highest and best offers during the first 30 days after it’s listed. If it’s priced too high, your home will linger on the market, and even after you lower the price, buyers may be leery and wonder if something is wrong with it.

Get a pre-inspection. Most people have a pretty good idea of their home’s overall condition, but there still can be issues they may not know about. As a seller, you know the buyers will need to have a home inspection done before they agree to purchase the property. Getting a pre-listing home inspection allows you to find out the condition of your property and make any needed repairs, so you can put your home on the market knowing you’ve corrected any problems that could potentially cause a sale to fall through later.

Promote your home on social media. Successful agents know that sharing sellers’ listings on social media can help sell homes faster, and sellers should do the same. By sharing your listing online, you’re exposing it to a sizable audience that can grow even larger if a few friends share your post.

If you are considering listing your property this spring or summer, get started by contacting a local Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties independent agent today.