If you’d rather live without the temptation of storing a ton of Halloween treats in your home this year, why not try the non-candy route for a change? There are plenty of fun choices without sugar that will delight the kiddos that are trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. Here are a few ideas.


Healthy Snacks

Consider mini-sized bags of pretzels, crackers, goldfish and more. You can buy large bags of these snacks that are individually wrapped and decorated with that spooky Halloween spirit.



A freebie ticket for an ice cream cone or other local goody is always a welcome surprise.


Glow Sticks

Sticks and necklaces that glow in the dark are a surefire way to add to the fun. Plus, they can help keep kids safer on Halloween night.



Pick up some individual, fun-sized packages of playdough in Halloween colors! Kids will love playing with this candy alternative.


 Stickers or Temporary Tattoos

Pop a few Halloween stickers or tattoos into any trick-or-treat bag for a unique, sugar-free treat.


Halloween Bubbles

What child doesn’t love bubbles? Party-favor-sized bottles are perfect for handing out!


Small Packs of Crayons, Erasers or Pencils

These creative options will last long after the candy is gone. And parents will surely appreciate them!


Trick Yourself

If all else fails, and you want to stick with tradition, here’s an idea that works every time. Buy the candy that you, personally, dislike the most. That way you won’t be tempted, and those little ghosts and goblins will get treats that they’ll (hopefully) love. Enjoy!!!