When dealing with a large, open space like an over-sized family room or even a studio apartment, there are a number of approaches to take that can help separate your abode into practical and more livable areas.

Hanging doors, if braced properly and safely, can serve as a mobile wall unit to designate a specific lounge area in a bigger room. If they contain glass panes, the doors will allow natural light to flow into the entire space.

A creative (and colorful) way to split up a room is with a fish aquarium. A large enough tank can divide a gathering space into two distinct areas while adding an ever-evolving tapestry to enjoy from all angles.

Add some personality to your space with a sizable piece of artwork! Either hung from the ceiling or standing on its own, it can establish a well-defined separate – and charismatic –area.

Take the traditional concept of a screen and add an unexpected twist! With a chalkboard you’ll be able to write fun messages or create art – and continually change up the décor. You can use the chalkboard to hide a child’s play corner, for example, from the rest of the room.

Bookshelves, either freestanding (and secured) or built out from the wall, make an ideal divider. They’re extremely functional and can be adorned with more than just your personal library. Incorporate photos, vases and other knickknacks to make it a true conversation piece.

Structurally altering the floor plan is always an option as well. A half wall that strategically splits the space can be topped with plants, glass blocks to heighten it or gorgeous works of art.

A wall of windows is a smart means of dividing the room into parts without closing them off completely. This does the job without making the space feel smaller – simply more versatile.

Columns are a stately and unobtrusive way to create two independent spaces – they can be used to partition a dining area from the living room, for instance.

Whether it’s stylish or a plain divider, you have a wide array of choices to break up an overwhelming space.