You’ll have potential buyers saying “WOW”! Creating a design focal point is a critical strategy that comes in handy when staging your home for open houses. Doing this will help you place emphasis on key elements of a room – and ultimately fashioning a house that others will want to call home.


A breathtaking vista is a major reason why people purchase a home! Arrange your furniture to take full advantage of a jaw-dropping view. It’s an ever-evolving panorama that transforms from morning until night.


A stunning piece of art makes for an exquisite focal point. An intriguing sculpture, unique painting or striking photograph is likely to command attention on its own, but by placing an art light on it, you’ll give it a little extra oomph that will grab the attention of house hunters.


A fantastic conversation piece will take shape when grouping items like baskets, photos, vases and plants together.  Choose specific color themes, or use decor that possesses complementary textures and materials.


Structural details of a space are built-in focal points that can be accented in creative ways. Achieve dramatic contrast with light versus dark, for example, by painting beams in a rich, brown shade against a stark white ceiling.

Feature Wall

Vibrant color, bold wallpaper, or an eye-catching mural on one wall in a room is an easy way to create a design element that buyers won’t forget.


Remember to accentuate the focal points that you already have in your home, to make them stand out and impress those looking to put an offer on your home!