While it may seem premature to prepare for the spring selling season now, the reality is spring is almost here. Whether you’re thinking of putting your home on the market or planning to buy a home, right now is a prime time to meet with a sales professional affiliated with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties to discuss your options.

Historic low interest rates and rising rents are driving buyers who want to realize the dream of homeownership. With limited housing inventory, buyers are competing against one another for those properties that are priced well and in good condition. The competition is resulting in fierce bidding wars, which can drive-up housing prices.

The message is clear for sellers.  Buyers want your home and they want it now!

To take advantage of this opportunity, sellers should consider acting now.  A sales professional can help sellers prioritize and establish a strategic marketing plan that includes an effective pricing strategy, home presentation suggestions, and a comprehensive approach to online marketing.

A Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties affiliated sales professional can provide a competitive market analysis that includes a review of current inventory, recent comparable sales prices and other data. A sales professional can also direct one on how to prepare a home for maximum appeal and ensure that a property is featured on the leading real estate websites.

Buyers should be prepared as well.  With a lack of inventory, competition for that dream home is rigorous.  Come prepared with solid financing, be ready to make a quick purchase decision, and be reasonable with your offer and expectations.

For homebuyers, a Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties affiliated sales professional can lead you through the process and help you identify homes for sale as soon as they come on the market.  Your sales professional can also negotiate on your behalf.