If you want a relaxing sanctuary to luxuriate in every day, it can be found as near as your bathroom door. Follow these do-it-yourself tips to convert your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat, and your relaxed body, mind and soul will be glad you did.


Give a Jacuzzi tub a whirl!

Modern bubbling jacuzzi in a spa or in a luxury hotel, apartment.

To transform your bathroom into a home spa, install a jacuzzi-style tub for a total immersion in the therapeutic benefits of bubbling water. If a do-it-yourself bathroom remodel isn’t in the offing, convert your tub into a hydrotherapy whirlpool with equipment that fits over the side to whip your water into a healing frenzy. There’s also the simple fix of installing a spa-like massage showerhead that melds relaxation with hygiene to make you feel and smell good all over. When you’re done, finish the spa experience with a warm wiping, courtesy of you freestanding electric towel warmer.


Speaking of smelling good …

Spa decoration. Bottle of essential oil and draft flowers.

Scent contributes to the mood you are in, so make sure aromatherapy is part of your bathroom spa experience. Hang eucalyptus from your shower head for a refreshing scent. Place reed diffusers on your bathroom countertop. Or finish up a hard day’s work with a treat for the senses by adding aromatic essential oils to Epsom salts for an in-home mineral bath.


Make it music to the ears

Woman listening to music in bathtub

Spa music should transport you to a Zen-like place of peace and tranquility, and good choices are acoustic tunes and the sounds of nature. If you opt to go low-tech, buy a small CD player and store a sampling of CDs in a small box. Or, go Simon and Garfunkel with your own “Sounds of Silence” smartphone playlist and listen to it through waterproof Bluetooth speakers while relaxing in the tub.


With a sprinkling of ingenuity and a smattering of inspiration, you can easily convert your master bathroom into a modern-day spa worthy of the ancient Romans!