We express ourselves colorfully in the clothing we wear, the mood we show and the front door we open. This year, neutrals and hues found in nature are the front-door rage.


The color of grass – Bring the beauty of your front lawn to your front door with nature’s Greenery, a yellow-green shade, and Parakeet, the color of that ubiquitous bird-cage dweller.

Image via Sherwin-Williams


The color of the sun – The most eye-opening of hues, a vibrant Sunburst door enhances summer’s greenery and livens up the gloom of winter.

Image via House Beautiful


The color of the sky – Homes with front doors painted in cool, neutral colors such as navy blue to slate gray sold for $1,514 more, a Zillow 2017 paint color analysis found.

Image via Klopf Architecture


The color of nature – Nothing whispers natural beauty more than the earth tones of a wood front door, especially if it faces east because of its feng shui

Image via Simpson Door Co.


The color of nightBlack stands out because it’s always in style and, if facing north, a good door choice for the feng shui element of water. Please note: If you don’t want the front of your house to look like it has a black eye, make sure the door has a window pane!

Image via The Door Centre


Like a necktie to an outfit, your front door is the focal point of your home so make an eye-opening first impression!