As a TV junky who never misses an episode of your favorite show, you’ve decided to direct a Primetime Emmy Awards party the night of September 17. To become the award-winning life of your party, tune in to these tips:

  • When you invite guests, ask them to make it a special night by dressing to the nines for a red-carpet stroll. They can imagine it’s paparazzi snapping their picture when a photo booth with celebratory TV props greets them at the front door!
  • What’s a glitzy red carpet affair without a glass of champagne? Make sure to serve the bubbly in festive flutes for a festive time! Offer guests the Emmy’s signature cocktail, the Hilhaven Lodge Fireside. And don’t forget to liven up your buffet with TV-themed foods, such as delicious “Big Little Pies” to honor the nominated TV show, “Big Little Lies.”


Image via Celebrations At Home

  • Everybody loves a winner, especially if the winner wins in a game of tasty chance. Order personalized fortune cookies with the names of award nominees Eat a winning cookie and be rewarded with television-inspired giveaways such as gift certificates to Netflix or iTunes, or Emmy statuettes.
  • The Television Academy suggests creating Emmy bingo cards with each space on the card representing something that could happen during the broadcast, such as “winner isn’t there to accept their award,” “someone leaves the stage in the wrong direction” or “camera zeroes in on a disappointed loser.” The first person who gets five squares in a row wins a TV-themed prize.


Image via Evite

  • For a less elegant soiree, ask your guests to dress up as their favorite TV characters with prizes promised for the funniest or most creative getup. Get the party started by having guests act out a line or scene from a show and let the others guess who is being portrayed.


Establish the right theme and mood on Emmy night, and your guests will be booking reservations in advance for the next party you throw!