Pop culture fans rejoice! Comic Con is diving into Honolulu to amaze us with all things Marvel, Harry Potter, anime and more. From cool costumes, comics, books, movies, and in anything in between, your energy level will be through the roof from the heavy dose of nerdiness caffeine this event brings. Fans from throughout Oahu will take over the Hawaii Convention Center on July 28 through July 30 to celebrate their common love for all things nerdom with a splash of aloha spirit.

In honor of this family-friendly event, we’re walking you through some of the coolest things to see and do during Comic Con Honolulu.


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Image via Comic Con Honolulu

See: Get in touch with your inner artist by visiting Artist Alley where you will see some of your favorite characters recreated into beautiful paintings. Another must-see is the Costume Contest where amazing costumes will be on full display as passionate fans strut their stuff to win one of the contest’s awards.

Do: Two interesting events include: “Video Gaming” – multiple tournaments where gamers test their skills as they compete against one another and “Autographs” – a special session allowing attendees to take photos and gather autographs from their favorite guests.

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Image via Atkinson Grill

Eat: At some point during your stay, you may want to hit up Atkinson Grill for lunch, where you can savor local favorites like beef shortribs, bumbucha burrito, chicken risotto and more. Home Bar & Grill is another Honolulu staple, famous for its pork chops, truffle fries and fried noodles.


Live: When you do make your trek to the Hawaii Convention Center, take a detour to arrive at this private and spacious residence that boasts incredible views of the lush Koolau mountains. Priced at $2,388,000, the split-level home offers enviable indoor/outdoor living designed by visionary architect, Harry Seckel. Contact listing agent James E. Lewis for more information.