It’s no secret that here at HawaiiHome, we’re huge fans of Pinterest. Whether we’re scouring for recipes, checking out awesome interior spaces or simply in the mood to look at pretty pictures, there’s no denying our love for pinning.

And while there’s many reasons to use the app, Pinterest is no-doubt our go-to for home décor solutions. As if we didn’t adore the site enough, they recently released their Home Work Report, which highlights some of the best home trends of 2017.

So if you’re thinking of jazzing up your home’s spaces, consider implementing any or all of these seven trends. Happy pinning!


Image via IKEA

No Closet Closet: Many city dwellers will tell you space is scarce – so it makes sense that every inch needs to be put to good use. When there’s no closet clause, it’s imperative to get creative with your wardrobe. Take a look at this IKEA hack that requires minimal effort and space.


Image via A Pair and a Spare

Entryway Styling: First impressions come only once, which is why your home’s entryway needs to make a memorable impact at first glance. Transform your hallway into a lovely room of its own like with inspiration from this A Pair and a Spare pin.


Image via Wit + Delight

Bathroom Wallpaper: We’ll be the first to say that most bathrooms are a bit blah. An easy way to give your bathroom a much-needed boost, is to install removable wallpaper which allows you to cover up cringe-worthy paint color and add a new palette to the space.


Image via Dream Green DIY

Pink Accents: You’ve seen Millennial Pink on your favorite celebs, in hair, in drinks, on food etc. But have you tried incorporating the color into your home? From pink bathrooms to pink throw pillow and pink cookware, Pinterest is packed with trendy options – like this set-up from Dream Green DIY.


Image via Brit + Co

Vertical Bar Carts: Living out your mixology dream may be closer than you think. This trending vertical bar cart provides you the necessary storage and set-up to start mixing up – all without taking up too much floor space.


Image via Our House

Faux Finishes: Stick-on subway tiles and fake marble countertops are all the rage right now, especially for apartment-dwellers. Check out this example from Our House which perfectly incorporates these look-alikes. The best part? No DIY skills are required.


Image via Architectural Digest

Round Mirrors: Square is out, round is in – for mirrors that is. Round mirrors make any space – bathroom, hallway, living room, etc. feel modern and updated. Not only do they look super cool, but they also help to brighten and open up a space.