Moving into a new home can be fun, exciting, overwhelming and stressful. And that’s just for the grown-ups! For the kids in the family, it can be all that and more – confusing, scary, even a little upsetting. Here are some ideas from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage to help your kids quickly settle into your new place.

First, set up the kids’ rooms right away. Make up their bed, hang up their clothes and unpack their toys. This will give them a comfortable place to play and relax among familiar things, while also keeping them out of the way of the movers.

Also, give them some control of the situation. Help them feel a connection to their space and like they are a part of the process by allowing them to choose their bedroom, a new paint color for their walls or the placement of their furniture.

Finally, take a break. While your impulse might be to try and get everything unpacked and put away as quickly as possible, it’s important for the kids (and you) to have a little downtime. Kick a ball around your new backyard, go for a walk and explore the neighborhood, or play a board game for an hour. You’ll be reenergized, and your kids will start to feel right at home.