This year, over one billion people in over 200 countries around the globe will observe Earth Day on April 22. Celebrating Earth Day spreads global environmental awareness, and most importantly is a day to remember that we can make a powerful impact on our communities.

Reduce your own carbon footprint and go green this Earth Day in 11 Easy Ways.


1. Appreciate the Planet:Grow your love for the Mother Nature by enjoying the outdoors. Simply pack a picnic, go for a hike and marvel at her beauty.

2. Put Your Green Thumb to Work: Planting trees not just adds curb appeal to your home, but reduces greenhouse gas emissions, cleans pollution, and secures soil to prevent erosion. Don’t have the space for a tree? Try planting native plants to your area to restore local plant life and attract native bird life, pollinators, and animals. You can also create a low maintenance and eco-friendly garden by planting a variety of sustainable plants.

Sweet little boy (5 years) in community garden, holding a seedling in his hands.

3. ConserveH2O: Skip the luxurious bubble bath today and trade it for a shorter shower. Also remember that turning off the water while you brush those pearly whites can save up to eight gallons of tap water a day.

4. Go Car free: Go green this Earth Day by ditching your car for the bike in the garage. Long commute? Try carpooling or public transportation instead.

5. Volunteer: Restore the beauty of your neighborhood by volunteering at a local clean-up day.Click here to find a local volunteer opportunity.

6. Purchase Local Produce: Head to your local farmers’ market and grab some locally sourced ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece for the entire family to enjoy. When you buy from a nearby farm, there’s a good chance the crop was picked within 24 hours and traveled less than 100 miles, providing you with better nutrition while reducing your carbon footprint.


7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Instead of throwing away countless water bottles, take a drink container with you and refill it. Also try reusable bags during your shopping excursions in exchange for plastic ones.

8. Adopt a Furry Friend: Reducing the pet population, rescuing and rehoming pets is just another way to protect our environment. What better way to celebrate the day than by giving a homeless dog a new home. Find a local adoption event by visiting


9. Donate: Recycling unwanted clothing and home goods reduces landfill waste and the required materials to make a new product. Plus, it gives someone else the opportunity to enjoy a new outfit! Get your children involved by having them donate their old toys to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

10. Switch to Eco-friendly Home Products: Swap your traditional incandescent light bulbs for energy-efficient ones that can last 3-25 times longer and use 25-80% less energy. To help protect your health and the environment, try earth friendly cleaning products instead of ones with harsh chemicals like bleach.

11. Eliminate Junk Mail: In addition to being a huge personal inconvenience, junk mail also negatively impacts the planet. Reduce the clutter in your mailbox by removing your name from widely distributed consumer mailing lists with help from services like DMAchoiceCatalog Choice and

You can make a difference! The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to continue your love for the planet throughout the year.