Today marks official end of tax season, and the time has come to either celebrate a refund or mourn a dent in your bank account. No matter what your situation may be, pleasure is always found in sipping on a delicious cocktail that takes the more, well, taxing moments out of tax season.

Here are ten cocktail recipes that offer a wink and a nod to the “bitterness” of tax season.


Income Tax Cocktail

income tax
Image via Kitchn

What better way to celebrate the end of tax season than by giving the gin-based Income Tax Cocktail a try? An old-timey concoction dating back to the late 1920s, the Income Tax cocktail is basically a Bronx cocktail (gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and orange juice) with an added dash of aromatic bitters.


Sparkling Clementine Thyme Cocktail

Image via Heather Christo

Celebrate your refund (or surviving tax season) with this delightfully fresh Sparkling Clementine Thyme Cocktail from Heather Christo. It’s tart with a light citrus taste that blends so well with the thyme that you will soon forget how long it took you to file your taxes.


Watermelon Rum Cooler

Image via Kitchen Living with Coryanne

Still trying to recover from the last-minute document shuffle and making sure that all the right boxes were checked? This Watermelon Lime Rum Cocktail by Kitchen Living with Coryanne will help you chill out and leave tax season behind. Fresh and light, it blends white rum with watermelon and lime to bring you the taste of those summer days just around the corner.


Orange Spiced Coffee

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

If you asked for an extension this year, you are not alone. To get through those final few documents, fuel up with this delicate powerhouse that will put both a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Get the recipe for this Orange Spiced Coffee to enjoy a citrusy treat.


Grapefruit Gin Shake

Image via Better Homes & Gardens

Before you start dreaming of how you’re going to spend your refund money, mix things up with this Grapefruit Gin Shake from Better Homes & Gardens. We love it because it is fresh, fruity and packs a little zing.


White Grapefruit Margarita

Image via Celebrations At Home

Whether you’re celebrating a small refund or in need of a consolation brunch with friends, this White Grapefruit Margarita from Celebrations At Home should be on your menu. A fun twist on the classic, it contains a splash of bitters – because we all know how we feel about the time it took to complete all those tax forms.


Bloody Mary

Image via Today’s Nest

If tax season really took its toll on you, then start off April 18 with a twist. This reinvented classic Bloody Mary from Today’s Nest is made with fresh tomatoes – symbolizing the perfect way to welcome a fresh start.


Which cocktail will you be sipping on this Tax Day? Let us know in the comments below.