There’s your birthday and Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but perhaps no one holiday makes us quite as happy as No Housework Day. A whole day to luxuriate in NOT dusting, scouring, scrubbing, or washing? That’s something we can get behind. In honor of No Housework Day today, we’ve pulled together some hi-tech solutions to help you make it through with maximum enjoyment and minimal effort.

Cool Cleaning Tools


Fire up that Roomba (or one of these other robotic vacuum options) and get that carpet clean without having to push the device around the room. The original robot vacuum has been doing the dirty work (literally) since the first version was introduced in 2002. Business Insider says the newest model in the series, the Roomba 980, is “its smartest yet. It’s shamelessly expensive, but now you can schedule it to automatically start cleaning at specific times, regardless of whether or not you’re near it. It’s tidier at actually doing that cleaning, too.”

The Braava jet is the hard floor equivalent to the Roomba—a sweeping, spraying, scrubbing, mopping gem of a robot helper. But floors are hardly the only surface benefitting from technology.

Windows looking a little grimy? The Winbot 8 is a window-cleaning robot that is smart enough to sense what has already been cleaned and back up when it reaches the end. Next year, you’ll also be able to celebrate No Housework Day by NOT folding laundry; the Panasonic Laundroid, a genius robot that can wash, dry, fold, and even sort your clothes(!), is set to launch then.

Today is a good day to get the pool sparkly clean. Let the Dolphin Supreme M5 Pool Cleaner do the work for you. Operate this little guy by remote or set it to run on a schedule and come home to a pool that’s been brushed, scrubbed, vacuumed, and filtered.

While you’re outside, fire up the Husqvarna Automower and relax while your lawn is mowed to perfection. It’s even smart enough to find its dock to charge up when needed.


Haute Home Automation 


Looking for a way to cut down on those “have-to” tasks? We have two words for you: home automation. Your parents (and maybe even your grandparents) may have had their lights on timers for decades—“those automations were pretty basic,” said CNET. Today’s connected appliances and devices can “save you time, save you money or make your life a little easier. An automated lamp might turn on by itself as soon as you walk into the room. An automated thermostat might turn the heat down when it detects you’ve left for the day, then back on when it thinks you’re on your way back.”

When that smart thermostat is the Ecobee3, it uses wireless sensors in different rooms instead of only measuring the temperature in one spot. Being able to relax knowing that the air conditioning is working in more places than the hallway is going to make our No Housework Day even better.

How can a refrigerator make your life easier? The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator uses its bank of cameras to take pictures inside and send them to your phone. Take that, grocery list.

Love the look of lush green plants in your home but don’t have the time to take care of them? Let Tableau do it for you. This smart watering system, set to be released at the end of the year, automatically waters your plants—up to three at a time for a month—and tracks their water consumption. Feeding your family might also be slightly important. With the Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker, you can start, stop, and adjust the cooking time and temp of your dinner right from your phone.

Sometimes, housework isn’t so much about cooking or cleaning, but all the other details that fall to you. Which is why products like Amazon Echo have become so popular.

“This technically a Bluetooth speaker, but you wouldn’t buy one just to play music,” said Business Insider. “Instead, it best serves as a Siri or Google Now for your home, a digital assistant that can tell you the weather, crawl the Web for random info, fire up some music, set alarms or calendar events, adjust a growing number of other smart home devices, and more, all upon your request.”

Someone we can ask for help that doesn’t ignore us, say, “Just a minute,” or give us any attitude. And isn’t that the true spirit of No Housework Day?