Think pool floats are limited to lounge chairs and flamingos? Well you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s a galore of fun and fabulous floats just waiting for you to display their kookiness in your next swimming adventure.

Take a look at these ridiculously awesome inventions that offer a quirky look to pool floats.


Port O Pong ($40)

Image via Amazon

Beer pong that floats? Yes, please! Take the game to the pool with this 22 cup holder that ties to secure your table in place.


Floating Fridge ($46)

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Keep your refreshments on hand when playing pool games. This quirky floating fridge will store 30 cans of delicious beverages.


Watermelon, Pretzel and Donut Floats ($24-$40)

Image via Urban Outfitters

Though we’d rather eat a piece of watermelon, a soft pretzel and a donut, we dig these whimsical floats.


Bean Bag Float ($136)

Image via Brookstone

Do some major relaxing with the cloud-like support that this bean bag float brings. The all-weather Sunbrella fabric keeps its cool in direct sunlight and the float’s stability gets you wet only where you want to be wet.


Swimline Giant Ring Toss Game ($37)

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This is a great addition to have in your next pool party. Not only will it keep your guests entertained, it also makes a great photo prop!


Floating Pool Pong Table ($73)

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Ping pong is awesome, whether floating or on land. We love the idea of placing this next to the floating beer pong.


Floating Island Table ($140)

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.51.51 PM
Image via Overton’s

Grab some friends for a game or cards, or just hang out and chill in this floating table. In addition to using it in your swimming pool, it can also be enjoyed in your favorite sand bar.


What’s your favorite float on this list? Seen any others that we should check out? Write to us in the comments below.