It’s no secret that Oahu is filled with natural wonders. Whether it’s the scenic mountain vistas or spectacular beaches, there’s always an opportunity to get an eyeful of spectacular sights while traveling through the lush island.

Another geographic jackpot we’re lucky enough to have in our backyards is the beauty of waterfalls. Whether they’re tall, short, quiet, loud, strong or gentle, waterfalls can easily take anyone’s breath away.

We rounded up our favorite waterfalls on Oahu that will make you fall head over heels.


Lulumahu Falls


Looking for a grand adventure? Then try finding the coveted Lulumahu Falls through an uneven and muddy path that’s definitely worth the trouble. Traverse through a dense bamboo forest, through the ruins of King Kamehameha III’s summer home and follow the stream to reach the 50-foot falls. Located on private land, Lulumahu Falls requires you to obtain a permit to access this thrilling hike.


Manoa Falls

The Famous Manoa Falls just outside Waikiki is approximately 150 feet tall.

Known for its easy access via a well-maintained, 1.6-mile trail, the glorious 150-foot waterfall is one of the most popular on the island. A cool fact: The Jurassic Park movie’s jungle scenes and the TV series Lost, took advantage of filming in the waterfall’s mysterious tropical terrain. We recommend getting there early to avoid all the foot traffic that this beauty brings.


Laie Falls


If you’re feeling up for a seven-mile hike, then head to the island’s northeastern side and grab a permit from Hawaii Reserves at Laie Shopping Center to access the beautiful waterfall and experience the hiking escapade. Once you’ve passed a quiet countryside trail, you’ll encounter the 15-foot waterfall which has a very light flow and spills into a swimmable pool.


Koloa Gulch


This eight-mile trail is not for the faint of heart. Requiring hikers to hop through a number of natural obstacles, it’s definitely one of the most challenging trails on the island. But the 100-foot lush waterfalls make the trip worth it. The entire hike can last you about eight hours depending on your pace and the weather so make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks!


Waimea Falls

Beautiful tropical waterfall in Waimea Valley park on Oahu island

Waimea Falls is located in Waimea Valley’s beautiful botanical garden. To reach the waterfall, hike up to the end of the trail where you’ll encounter the 45-foot waterfall that cascades down into a pool below. If you dare, you can even take a plunge into the fresh water pool and swim up to the waterfall. Very cool!


Which waterfall is your favorite on Oahu? Let us know in the comments below.