It’s no secret that living on Oahu is a prestige of its own. According to the Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, the price of a single-family home on the island averages $742,000 – an amount that’s been climbing in recent years.

The desire for people to come live in our tropical hub rings especially true for Honolulu, a city that’s known throughout the world for its high livability rankings, safe environment and, of course, its relaxed and gorgeous island lifestyle. A large amount of buyers coming from distant shores are offering big bucks for properties in the city, making it a great business for sellers.

But what about those who are looking to become first-time homebuyers? Or those who want to make the move to the islands without having to spend millions of dollars on a home? Well some miniature structures are aiming to make those dreams a reality.

Tiny homes are making a huge splash on Oahu’s shores by trading in the concept of “bigger is better” with “small, with style.”

According to Tiny Pacific Houses, a distributor of tiny homes on the island, the compact structures can measure as little as 175 square feet and go up to 355 square feet. Their reduced size and cost-effective design is something that’s unheard of in today’s real estate market. Their small footprint in a place where land is so limited is another plus.

And there’s more. These tiny structures are also being used to help reduce the island’s high homeless population.

Hawaii News Now reports that the city of Honolulu has taken an interest in the tiny home movement and has approved to convert a 13-acre site between Sand Island and Keehi Lagoon into a village for the homeless using tiny homes. The village could house up to 800 people and ultimately help ease the homeless issue on Oahu.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell shared his thoughts on the project. “We’re hoping, as this moves forward, we’ll learn from it and then we’ll look to duplicate it in other parts of our community,” said Caldwell.

The city plans to spend $4 million on the infrastructure of this project, while AIO Foundation, a corporation that specializes in media, technology, sports and food business, will invest $6 million in its construction.

The village’s homes will rent for about $500 and organizers hope to house 100 people by the middle of next summer.


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