Here on Oahu it’s fun to do Halloween (and fall) with an island twist. So as you’re gathering and decorating those perfect gourds, consider going for something more tropical than trick-or-treaty this season.

From whimsical beach balls to delicious pineapples to elegant vases overflowing with bougainvillea, these island-themed pumpkins will bring a sea of awesomeness to your doorstop.


Beach Ball Pumpkin

Photo via Paint the Gown Red

Keep the summertime vibes alive with these DIY no-carve pumpkin beach balls. Whether you prefer a brighter fall color pallet, love the beach or just want to break those “fall” rules, these pumpkin beach balls are for you.


Puffer Fish Pumpkin

Photo via imgur

Grab a few bags of candy corn, a hot glue gun, googly eyes and voila! You have yourself a puffer fish pumpkin. This pumpkin hack is super easy and extremely adorable. Be creative with facial expressions and fins and fill your home with puffer fish.


Beach Wave Pumpkin

Photo via Sand & Sisal

Bring the beautiful shoreline into your home by creating coastal-inspired pumpkins like this super chic beach wave pumpkin. All you’ll need are some craft pumpkins, paint, sand, paint brushes, an X-ACTO knife and mod podge for a matte finish. Get creative with color combinations or simply paint the pumpkins to match the color palette of your home. Add to your beachy pumpkin scene by creating coordinating pumpkins with tropical fish and shells using handy printables from Coastal Living.


Happy-Hued Pumpkin

Photo via Fresh American Style

Forgo the traditional orange-and-black Halloween scheme and take a page from the Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration instead. Think bright colors – and lots of them. Stock up on inexpensive colored tissue paper and let your imagination (and color) run wild. Place your colorful pumpkin next to a dish of colorful candy for that extra bold punch.


Pineapple Pumpkin

Photo via Studio DIY!

What could be more tropical and appropriate for Halloween than a pumpkin dressed as a pineapple? All you need for this masterpiece is yellow spray paint, green cardstock, hot glue and scissors. The more cardstock leaves you cut in different sizes, the more realistic your pineapple will look. Add some cool shades to your pumpkin for an absolute crowd favorite.


Botanical Pumpkin

Photo via Terrain

These botanical beauties are subtle and inviting. Collect a selection of delicate ferns, leaves and vines to attach to your pumpkin for a masterpiece that you’ll want in your home all year long. If you love the botanical vibe and have an urge to carve, create the perfect pumpkin vase by carving a small hole in the top center of the pumpkin just large enough for a water glass and place beautiful local flowers inside for a stunning pumpkin vase.


Sand-Covered Pumpkins

Photo via Completely Coastal

Create the perfect beachy fall look with sand-covered pumpkins, decorative fish net and a few shells added into the mix. These sandy creations are the ultimate pumpkins for those who love the feeling of sand between their toes.


Starfish pumpkin

Photo via HGTV

We absolutely love the look of drilled pumpkins – but with an added coastal twist, how awesome is that?! Living by the ocean we get inspired by the washed up treasures around us every day. Adding a dried starfish will bring this drilled DIY starfish pumpkin to life. A similar effect could also be achieved using shells.


Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin

Photo via Martha Stewart

You’ll definitely scream for this ice cream cone pumpkin hack. To make this tasty creation, you’ll need two pumpkins, construction paper and paint. If you want something on a smaller scale that’s just as sweet, try using mini pumpkins and real cones.


Which are your favorite island-themed pumpkins for Halloween? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Featured photo via imgur.