A home is much more than a shelter; it’s a place where one feels the most comfortable, where memories are created and where traditions are shared. There are many words we can use to describe it, but one hits the nail on the head: Home is “awesome.”

And while each person’s home is unique in its own way, we can all agree that our home is a very important part in what makes us who we are. No matter where our life’s path takes us, we will never forget the place that holds our fondest memories.

Since Coldwell Banker helps families move in from one home to another, we understand how important home is to each individual, and why families take their time in finding the perfect fit to start creating those precious memories.

With this in mind, Coldwell Banker is embarking on its most authentic campaign yet: “This is Home. This is Where Awesomeness Happens.” Instead of casting calls and staged sets, we asked you – our friends, family and clients – to pick up your cameras and show us your meaning of home. We received a wide array of heartwarming responses, from infectious baby belly laughs to the hilarious antics of our four-legged family members, which celebrate home as we know it best – through the eyes of everyday life.

In order to achieve our goal of sharing these moments that can only happen at home in the most awesome way possible, we are once again asking for your help. Below you can review three potential songs that could be the theme for an upcoming ad called “This is Home.”

Once you pick your favorite, click here to cast your vote. Voting is open through May 31, 2016 and the winning song will run as the official soundtrack for the campaign.

If you have a moment of awesomeness at home, use the hashtag #HomeIsAwesomeness to share it with us on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.