Ordinary is not a word in Lyuba Naiditch’s vocabulary. An Independent Sales Associate from the Coldwell Banker Honolulu office, she has traveled far (both in distance and in her career path), to be where she is today.

Lyuba was born and raised in Ukraine moved to the Hawaii Islands when she was 20 years old. Despite her limited English, she earned her Master’s Degree in Piano Performance at the University of Hawaii. After years of teaching children to play the piano, she discovered her true calling: real estate.

With a diverse cultural background, combined with an ability to understand the fundamentals of teaching and helping others, Lyuba’s life journey has led her to acquire the skill set needed to help others navigate through their real estate journey.

One of the ways she allows her clients – locally and internationally – to see the beauty of living in Hawaii, is by taking them inside homes on the market and allowing them to explore various neighborhoods through video. Take a look at her most recent video where she tours a gorgeous home in Kailua.



We recently caught up with Lyuba to learn about her video blogging and what makes her so successful in Hawaii’s real estate industry.

You bring a unique background to Honolulu’s real estate industry. Can you tell us how your upbringing and past experiences have shaped you into the professional you are today?  
I believe I had a very interesting upbringing. Coming from an economically challenged country and moving to Hawaii at the age of 20 definitely helped me become a very focused and responsible individual.  After graduating from the University of Hawaii with a degree in Piano Performance, I was trained as a professional classical pianist. Then I became a teacher and a music school owner for more than ten years. One of the things I apply to my professional life from my background is the ability to create and follow structures and procedures while having a lot of fun in the process. And of course my love for travel gives me so many opportunities to meet different people from all over the world that I learn from.

What made you want to dive into the real estate field?
My husband and I were always very passionate about investing in real estate. We are always searching for interesting deals and it made sense for me to learn this field on a professional level. I had no plans to discontinue my music career but I came to realize that I enjoy real estate enough to make it my full-time job.

How does your background influence the way you service your clients?
As an educator, I know the value of listening to my client’s needs, which helps me to effectively structure the whole process of a sale or a purchase. My clients often say how patient I am, which I also contribute to my educational background. Also, speaking a few languages really broadens up my communication abilities while understanding the cultural differences — making it a lot easier for my international clients.

Does your ability to speak Russian and Ukrainian allow you to work with clients overseas? What generally attracts these clients to Hawaii’s real estate market?
I still travel frequently to Europe which allows me to continuously communicate and create relationships with people overseas. A lot of my Russian and Ukrainian speaking friends live all over the world. Every single person I speak to is fascinated about Hawaii. The Aloha State has always been associated with paradise, or a dream land. The purchase process here in Hawaii is very different from how it’s done overseas, so having a Russian-speaking agent to help guide through the process is a relief to many prospective clients.  My job is to make sure my international clients feel very safe and comfortable making their real estate purchases in Hawaii.

You have recently begun video blogging in both Russian and English. How did this idea come about?
I wanted all my friends to see beautiful Hawaii from my personal perspective. I am a very visual person and prefer to see something once, rather than hear about it a hundred times. I started my video blog hoping it would help my clients and prospective clients better understand the Hawaii real estate market.

What can viewers expect to see in your YouTube channel? 
My focus right now is to show different neighborhoods, share information not only about homes, but also about the local lifestyle. I want to demonstrate that Hawaii is not just a beautiful dream, but that owning a property in Hawaii is attainable and real. I’m starting to get more specific questions about the process of purchasing real estate overseas, so I will be adding informative videos about that as well. In addition to my videos targeted towards Russian-speaking viewers, my videos will also be in English to reach a broader audience.

What do you like most about working in Hawaii’s real estate market?
We are so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. I enjoy the process of showing homes and telling my clients stories about the neighborhoods. My favorite part is to see the joy and happiness my clients show when they walk into their new home for the first time.  I am so touched every single time.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of getting into the real estate field?
My advice for working in the real estate field or any other field is to enjoy what you do and always remember to reward yourself for the job well done.


To learn more about Lyuba and her video blogging, visit paradisehomesoahu.com. To view more of Lyuba’s videos, click here.