Wondering what the X-Men superheroes are up to when they’re not off fighting crime or saving the world from destruction? While they may have mutant powers like super strength, telepathy and shape shifting, we like to think that they’re not all that different from the rest of us. And like thousands of other buyers entering the market, the mutants of X-Men deserve their very own safe haven that they can come home to after an exhausting day of work…or in their case, battling the Apocalypse.

As the official real estate partner of X-Men: Apocalypse, we thought it would be fun to tour the globfind the perfect real-world homes for these larger than life characters with very unique buyer needs. And lucky for you, these homes are for sale so you too can live like a superhero.




Cyclops had some non-negotiables when it came to finding the right place to call home and at the top of his list was an always sunny environment that would cater to his unique requirement of having to wear “sunglasses” 365 days a year. Lucky for him, we found all that and more at this stunning Lanikai Hillside estate in Kailua, Hawaii. Perched high above Lanikai, allowing for complete privacy, it offers unsurpassed views of the ocean and Mokulua Islands. In addition to its ideal location, the home also features amenities chock full of awesomeness including a poolside pavilion gym, guest suite, media room, infinity pool a sun deck for lounging and more. We think this home will make the perfect perfect retreat for Cyclops to entertain all of the X-Men during their off time.

1611 Mokulua Drive is currently being offered at $14,800,000 by Independent Sales Associate Tracy Allen.




When your mutant power is super speed it is important to have a place to come home to where you can slow things down and recharge.  Life on the West Coast and a little fun in the sun is exactly what Quicksilver needs. But what about LA traffic you might be wondering? While mere humans may need to worry about giving themselves plenty of time for a tough commute, Quicksilver can catch a few extra z’s knowing he can get to all of LA’s hottest spots in the blink of an eye. This incredible LA home is one of the last promontories left in the city with unobstructed views from downtown to the ocean and  is located at the end of a private cul-de-sac so he won’t be bothered by curious mortals. 1910 Sunset Plaza Drive also offers tremendous indoor/outdoor entertaining spaces for when he feels like throwing a party of heroic proportions for his fellow X-Men.

1910 Sunset Plaza Drive is currently being offered at $10,000,000 by Independent Sales Associate Jade Mills.




When you are a superior mutant, then a superior estate built custom to your taste is only appropriate. Enter 2808 Vallejo Drive in San Francisco, California: offering undisturbed views of the city and conveniently located in one of the most coveted areas of Pacific Heights, this home represents luxury in its highest form. The six-bedroom and four-bathroom estate also features high-end appliances (some steel of course), beautiful architectural detailing, hardwood floors and a top level deck, which should provide Magneto with plenty of inspiration during his plotting to take over the world. In his spare time, Magneto can enjoy exploring the city and controlling the surrounding steel buildings and structures at his leisure.

2808 Vallejo is currently being offered at $8,500,000 by Independent Sales Associate David Bellings.


Professor X


When you’re a scientific genius with mutant powers that include telepathy and controlling the minds of others, it’s important to have a place to come home to where you can catch up on your studies and enhance your abilities. With this in mind, we found this Boulder, Colorado home for Professor X. Set on a private lot with approximately 1.5 acres of impeccable landscaping, the quiet estate perfectly suits Professor X’s need for privacy and comfortable refuge during his drawn out experiments. Aside from its privacy, the home’s finishes, which include a tasteful combination of imported mahogany, Turkish travertine, Brazilian granite and hand-carved limestone, are perfectly suited for Professor X’s refined taste. When he’s not controlling the minds of others or coming up with a plan to save the world, Professor X is sure to enjoy catching up on a good read in the home’s study or recreational room.

1073 White Hawk Ranch Drive is currently being offered at $5,500,000 by Independent Sales Associate Karen Bernardi.




It’s no surprise that Storm wanted to look for homes in Park City, Utah, due to her love of controlling and changing the weather. This south-facing estate home atop a knoll with sweeping views of Park City’s three world-class ski resorts provides plenty of weather-bending inspiration. Among the many amenities, its open-floor plan offers undisturbed views of the surrounding landscape and yet another opportunity to hone in on the weather. Add to that the home’s luxurious high-end finishes, heated walkways, gourmet kitchen with two Wolf ranges and Sub Zero refrigerators, and you might call this home the perfect storm.

1876 W Red Hawk Trail is currently being offered at $3,295,000 by Independent Sales Associates Marny Schlopy and Kevin Crockett.




Possessing animal-like senses, enhanced capabilities and a powerful regenerative ability known to others as a healing factor, Wolverine was set on settling down in a private home that he described as “seamlessly tied to nature.” We found this and more in a secluded estate tucked away in the beautiful mountains of Truckee, California. The custom mountain home, which features maple cabinets, solid wood doors, heated floors and granite counters to name a few, complement Wolverine’s powerful character-type while the outdoor surroundings cater perfectly to his active lifestyle. At the end of the day, Wolverine can enjoy relaxing outside on his deck and soaking in all of the beauty that Tahoe Donner provides.

10809 Mougle Lane is currently being offered at $1,225,000 by Independent Sales Associate John Biebl and the Truckee Sales Team


Any X-Men fans out there? Tell us where you think each of the characters should live in the comments section below. And don’t miss out on X-Men: Apocalypse, in theaters on May 27.