We’ve got some bark-worthy news—Coldwell Banker has helped over 20,000 furry friends find loving families in 2015. Thank you to all who have participated in adoption events, adopted a dog of your own, or shared our “Homes for Dogs” posts to help bring awareness to pets looking for their forever homes.

In February 2015, Coldwell Banker joined forces with Adopt-a-Pet.com, the largest nonprofit pet adoption website in North America, to launch the “Homes for Dogs Project,” an initiative aimed at sharing resources to find homes for adoptable dogs. The campaign took to a national stage during the 87th Academy Awards when Coldwell Banker Real Estate debuted its television commercial, “Home’s Best Friend.” The ad spot featured half a dozen rescue dogs that were the inspiration for the campaign.

Over the course of the campaign, dozens of local Coldwell Banker affiliated offices hosted adoption drives and events to support the cause. In August, the two organizations hosted the Homes for Dogs National Pet Adoption Weekend, with more than 650 shelters and rescue groups coming together for one of the largest adoption events of the year. In September, Coldwell Banker officially reached the 20,000 pet adoptions goal.

In recognition of this achievement, Coldwell Banker was recently honored with Adopt-a-Pet’s first-ever Companion Animal Champion Award.

“We have been so honored to make a difference in these pets’ lives,” said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “There is a saying that you don’t adopt a dog, the dog adopts you. To think of how many families we have touched this year as a result of the campaign is truly humbling.”

Abbie Moore, executive director of Adopt-a-Pet.com, presented the award at the annual Coldwell Banker Real Estate conference, the Generation Blue Experience. “On behalf of all of us at Adopt-a-Pet.com and its shelter and rescue network, we thank you, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, for making a difference in your communities and finding forever homes for so many animals this year,” she said.

For more information visit ColdwellBanker.com/Dogs.